About Pablo


Hi again!


Let me tell you more about "the geek behind the decks".


If you must know, I’ve been Dj’ing for more than 20 years (I started when I was very young) and I really got into music around the mashup and blog era when The Avalanches, 2 Many Djs and Girltalk were on top of the world.


That is where my dj skills come from. But as I grew older I became really involved in the latin alternative music scene of Mexico City and Latin America (Does Dengue Dengue Dengue! or Bomba Estéreo ring a bell?), and from there onwards I developed an artistic career mixing electronic and latin sounds under the moniker of “Borchi”.


This career has taken me to play all around the globe. From Havana to Berlin, from Chicago to Peru, in the past years I’ve been doing Dj sets from really small clubs in Chiapas or Torreon in Mexico, to Festivals such as Mutek in Montreal to Mallorca Live in Spain, and nice events like playing on Boiler Room and being part of the Red Bull Music Academy in Paris (Sorry for the long name-dropping paragraph - its all true by the way).


When I managed to become a full time Dj I started playing at weddings as a way to complement my income but I realized that I was very good at it and it was a great place to explore all kinds of music and feelings that go beyond my artistic project.


I love to learn about the bride and groom’s music tastes because it helps me to discover lots of music. I love to play at weddings because I can experience really emotional moments all the way from the really loud EDM - Avicci - Calvin Harris hands in the air moment, to the delicious old school soul/funk - Marvin Gaye - James Brown moment.

If you choose me for Dj'ing at your wedding or any other type of celebration / event be confident that I will take the endeavour very personally, as if I was playing at my best friend’s party. And my mission will be to make everyone feel joined in the dancefloor and party as if they just discovered music for the first time.