About Francisco


Hi there!


This is "Paco", the other member of the Dj team of Perfect Playlist Mx.

I met Pablo a couple of years ago when he brought touring artists to play at the club I was Djing as a resident in Cuernavaca. Once we met, we found out we had a lot of shared music tastes and we became friends on the spot. 

Ever since we've shared lots of hours talking about music and many nights Dj'ing together at different parties.

At one point, he asked me to play at one of his high school friend's wedding and it went great, so he invited me to be part of the Perfect Playlist Mx Dj team. 

As far as my Dj credentials, you need to know that I've played in all kinds of freestyle clubs, bars and restaurants for more than 15 years, so I really know what gets a party going, whether its a Friday night at your local bar or at your aunt's 60 year old birthday party. 

Besides that, I have an alternative Dj career under the name "Pa Kongal" within the latin electronic music scene (you can google it and fin lots of music!). With this project I've Dj'ed as an opener for the concerts of Bomba Estéreo  and Cartel de Santa, I've Dj'ed at Carnaval de Bahidora, Cut Out Fest, NRML showcases, and I am part of the roster of Onda Mundial Party/Label.


Also, I am an avid vinyl collector with a monthly radio show called "Vinileando" which focuses (as you have already guessed) on playing the music of our most recent vinyl discoveries.